Atheists go to Washington

Atheists go on the political offensive in God-fearing US

By Tim Shipman in Washington, Sunday Telegraph Last Updated: 12:43am BST 07/05/2007

By day, Joe Zamecki works as a landscaper and valet in Austin, capital of George W Bush’s home state of Texas, which is regarded by many
natives as God’s own country.

In his spare time, however, he is quietly working to undermine the dominance of America’s God-fearing majority. He is one among a growing band of “out” atheists, and wants a US that is “one nation under no god”. On Thursday, while Christian Americans were celebrating National Prayer Day, Mr Zamecki, the state director of American Atheists, was leading a demonstration against the public display of the words “In God We Trust” in the state legislature.

Atheist groups from Los Angeles to Little Rock observed a National Day of Reason instead.