Earth Craters Sorted by Continent

I began this Earth Crater project back in the late 90’s, pre-google. The html has had some updates. 😉 And, most awesomely, there are 40 more earth crater discoveries since those days. Today,  (Apr 2017) do find your details about earth impactors at 

The Planetary and Space Science Center at The University of New Brunswick.  You can use that database, combined with Wikipedia entries, and Google Earth, for an almost multi-media experience … you’ve got to love the 21st century!

The ways in which men came into the knowledge of things celestial appears to me almost as marvelous as the nature of these things themselves.
— Johannes Kepler

The impact of comets has profoundly influenced the story of life. 
— Gene Shoemaker

Earth Craters Sorted by Continent

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