Stellalabella - Find It!
Stellalabella – Find It!

Team Stellalabella begins August 2010

Our first FTF A Fine Day for Caching
Our second FTF Hollyhock Lane
Our third FTF Playpark Surprise

Found in 2010 : 250
Found 2011 : 1323

Update: When School Started in September 2012 another game was a foot.  It was cancer, but Eileen’s leg was saved and six years later, it’s still good. 

In 2014 we completed a geocaching roadtrip with Let’s Eat Chocolate when 544 caches, in 10 provinces and 30 states, provided the smilies. In the following years, we cached and we slumped, but The Planetary Pursuit Challenge, in March of 2018, brought us back as semi regular into the game of geocaching.  We still love to cache and we love our caching buddies.

Update: Our geopup, Stella la Bella di Seantiago, died in our arms peacefully on August 17, 2018.  She will track in our hearts forever.

Let’s make a plan and let’s go find some.

Our Stats at Oct 15, 2018: