It was 1986 when I got *my* first computer. Before that I was playing around with other’s Commodores and Tandys. My first lovely was a 8086 XT, with a 30MB hard drive and an amber monitor. I purchased it at Columbia Typerwriter, and office machines company in Victoria, BC. Half of the more than $3,000 price tag was a big birthday present from Mom. I used software called First Choice and studied computer science at North Island College. Once I moved to Victoria, in 1991, I setup my first DOS based BBS with Spitfire software, from Buffalo Creek Software. This software is still available!! However, the modem world would soon change my life and I was hooked. In 1993 I bought both a 386 and a 486 computer systems. The 386 was configured with PC Board Software and Robocomm, and four 14,000 dial-up modems with four phone lines running into my bedroom. The 486 was for my own use. 😉 A few years later I sold the XT for $75.00.