Celia Franca Dies

Celia Franca
Celia Franca

Celia Franca was the founder of The National Ballet of Canada in 1951 and its Artistic Director for 24 years. I first met Celia Franca in the early 60’s. I had been chosen among my classmates at the National Ballet School to perform in the new production of the Nutcracker Suite.  She was an amazing woman, totally in control of everything.  Yes, I feared her.  I’ll never forget the Saturday morning I walked into rehearsal after spending a night in the hospital due to having burned my hand on an old school stove the day before. We had been making Christmas candles.  So there I was, at rehearsal, with a bandage on my hand that looked more like a boxing glove than anything else.  Ms Franca was horrified, but rather than call in an understudy, and leave me in the wings, she called in the costume mistress who materialized gloves, to be worn by all the girl children for the schedule of performances.  She was feared, but she was so compassionate too.

” In 1967 Miss Franca was invested as an Officer of the Order of Canada and in 1985 was made a Companion of the Order of Canada. In 1987 she received the St. George’s Society of Toronto Award and that same year was among the first to be honoured with the Order of Ontario. She served as a member of the board of governors of York University, the board of directors of the Canada Council and the Board of Directors of the Canada Dance Festival Society.”

Get Ready

New left-side News Block:   10 recent local quakes.  My City of Victoria provides free EP courses.  E and I will personally recommend you take all of them.  Then be a block captain, get organized, be prepared.

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Raven Nuke 76
Raven Nuke 76

The sun is shining, the days are longer, 2007 is a turn it around year.
lol … as if moving through space wasn’t already happening.

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RavenNuke so rocks the cms planet.


The sun is shining again, and the garden needs work…

Stereo Sun

Stereo Sun
Stereo Sun

They’re the Solar TerrEstrial RElations Observatories (STEREO… get it?), and they were lofted into orbit on October 25 http://www.universetoday.com/2007/01/25/first-images-of-the-sun-from-stereo/

Green Philosophy

Climate change unites science and religion     
* 17:29 17 January 2007    
* NewScientist.com news service

Laying down their swords over how we came to exist, leaders from scientific and evangelical communities in the US joined forces today in an unprecedented effort to protect what we have.
Speaking at a press conference in Washington DC, members of the newly formed group expressed concerns about planetary threats caused by humans including climate change, habitat destruction, pollution, and species extinction.


Security is a process, not a result. It is a process which is difficult to adopt under normal conditions; the problem is compounded when it spans several job descriptions. All the system level security in the world is rendered useless by insecure web-applications. The converse is also true; programming best practices, such as always verifying user input, are useless when the code is running on a server which hasn’t been properly hardened. Securing forward facing GNU/Linux web servers can seem like a daunting task, but it can be made much easier by breaking the process into manageable portions.” Hardening Linux Servers

Just Say No by Nancy

Re: “go home and bake cookies”  or 
“don’t worry your pretty little head”

So what would be a ‘male’ version of “go bake cookies”? “Go home and mow the lawn or take out the garbage?” Just doesn’t have the same bite to it, probably because a lot of women also do these things.

It doesn’t have the same bite because it doesn’t have the same kind of subtext.  Telling a woman to go home and bake cookies has nothing to do with cookies.  I don’t care how good your cookies are, it’s an insult to say this. He’s telling her to leave the man work to him, that she should leave and return to the home and kitchen where women belong.  He’s telling her that she has no place there. …

This is such a much larger topic, and whenever someone posts something along these lines, we all jump on it, I think, because we’re all affected by it.  The pretty little head and go home and bake statements are the hardest part of my job.  They happen. Or what about the topic that came up about a month ago about the company that had invitation-only golf days, and only the men were invited?  There are so many things like this.

In one place I worked, there were 10 guys in a group of 12.  Us girls were expected to hang together while the guys went off in their own groups. On one hand, there was no reason for me to expect to be invited to go to lunch and hang out with this group of 20-something white boys, but because they did hang together and talk shop when they were at lunch and whatnot, they were all pretty much on the same page about work stuff and we two women were not.  There was simply no way in.

So, I switched jobs. I’ve switched jobs three times in the last seven years, and I run into it everywhere.  The women don’t get promoted. There are guys at every company who are arrogant and exclusive.

I think the solution is two-pronged.  Increase our ranks whenever we can. Encourage girls to get into technology fields so that we’re not so outnumbered.  And second, have zero tolerance for the arrogant, exclusive behavior we are the targets of. Zero tolerance.